Meat and Potato

Managing a resort is incredibly time-consuming. The amount of work is too much for a group of staff members, even with multiple workers and shifts. Things move too fast in our world today, which is why digital solutions have begun to pop up. These platforms promise a faster and more efficient method of keeping files stored, issuing sales invoices, and other essential tasks.

The existence of timeshare software such as Viewpoint is a welcome one. The platform provides a cloud-based service while also connecting you with the best timeshare tools in the market. These include the RCI system, optiREZ, and even packages through the Owners Travel Club.

Instantly synchronize files on the cloud

Businesses move fast. Transactions happen almost instantly in the digital era, even in vacation spots. The chances are that your customers want prompt service, and switching to the cloud is a great way to meet this demand. In a cloud-based service, files appear within the system as soon as they finish uploading. That means workers can answer queries from guests even if they are not at the front desk, and critical administrative files are accessible to owners outside the office.

Save a lot of time by integrating with RCI

RCI, a popular tool for resort owners, integrates with Viewpoint. The tool allows users to log their data in a more efficient way, fully automated. Inventory work and other expenses appear as soon as someone logs them. These are all stored in one place, removing the need for a waiting time to access files. For resorts that acquire hundreds of gigabytes of data per day, RCI is a powerful tool that helps things run smoother.

Reach more potential customers with optiREZ

Besides cloud-based storage and data management, Viewpoint also connects you with services related to the financial aspect of things. Of course, you want to maximize the exposure of your resort. optiREZ allows this to happen by connecting business owners with two hundred distribution channels. They also set up direct booking platforms, helping customers and business owners process transactions at a much faster and efficient rate.

Keep things interesting with the perks of the Owners Travel Club

For resort fanatics, a loyalty program may be one of the best ways to ensure that they come back. The same goes for many business owners. These people find a lot of value in discounts exclusively tailored for them. These may include air and plane packages, reduced costs for timeshare systems, distribution platforms, and payment processors. Membership in the Club opens up many opportunities for resorts to thrive and adapt to the digital market.

Viewpoint not only makes things faster for you and your workers, but it also introduces a lot of tools that breathe new life to resorts. By putting the owner, the business, and the customers at the heart of the operation, this tool can help grow your business. And it does so in a way that does not burn you out but lightens the load. For a very tiring business in a fast-paced landscape, these solutions are highly welcome.